About Spirit Healing Center

Love, Light & Happiness

About The Center

Mission of Spirit Healing Center

The Spirit Healing Center was founded by me, Alena Kleder, by the urging of my spirit guides. Being a healer and a medium, my guides and my heart asked me to


make use of my abilities for the greater good and to contribute to the world’s ascension process.


What Is Offered at Spirit Healing Center?

With the acceleration of spiritual growth in mind, Spirit Healing Center starts out offering energy healing sessions and psychic advice.

Soul Clearing

Receive a holistic energy treatment to realize your soul’s goals.

Trance Healing

Receive a specific energy treatment & advice to overcome a personal issue.


Coming soon.

My energy treatments are designed to heal your body, mind, and soul. They will greatly assist to achive a more harmonic live and to reawake your full power and potential.

Plans for the Future

Educating Light Workers & Healers

The masterplan is to make Spirit Healing Center a healing point and a school for both light workers and healers of the new age. So, in the near future, the Center will expand and take on educational roles.

On a long term perspective, Spirit Healing Center is destined to become a place of spiritual healing, development, as well as a school for energy workers. This will include teachings, seminars, courses workshops, and live events.










Corporate With Me at Spirit Healing Center

Are we are on the same mission?

Is your highest goal to speed up the earth’s ascension process to welcome the golden age and to create a universe full of love, light, and happiness?

Let’s join forces! Learn more about me. Then contact me to discuss how we could work together on this vision!


Contact Me

Blessings Beloved, my name is Alena. I am the foundress of the Spirit-Healing Center and will perform your healings & attunements. Learn more about me.

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