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Soul Clearing

Receive a divine blessing to realize your soul’s goals.
You want a holistic energy healing treatment that frees you from obstructive energies and reconnects you to your soul’s true potential? Then a soul clearing session is for you.

Energy Healing

Soul Clearing Sessions

Through a soul clearing, you receive an energy healing treatment of the body, mind, and soul that multiplies your personal and spiritual development. It is designed to cleanse, heal and reactivate all you need to find fulfillment and bliss.

What A Soul Clearing Will Do For You

What Happens During a Session?

A soul clearing session is a powerful way to empower you to reach for the stars.

During a treatment, the divine light will suffuse you and cleanse, heal and illuminate your interdimensional energetic system to free you from barriers and obstructive energies that do not serve you for your highest good.

You will be cleared of obstacles and hindrances attached to your subtle bodies and your aura. This includes for example the clearing of energetic pathways within your system, the resolution of blocking energies as well as releasing manifestations of negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Also, you will be freed from low frequencies, implants, deposits, karmic entanglements, ascendancies, and un-beneficial energetic influences brought from former lives.

This cleansing will not only extend to the already activated areas of your consciousness. It will also reach into those parts that might be currently dormant, buried, traumatized, isolated, overshadowed, possibly split off, or occupied. Those areas will be healed and reactivated so you can access a larger scale of your consciousness.

Through this high vibrational treatment, you will be cleared of everything non-beneficial for your personal development, your holistic healing, and your divine ascension.

The divine light will release everything that may now leave you for your highest good. It will regenerate your energy system and restore it to its natural flow in a way that aligns with your soul’s plan. Also, it will provide you with the healings you need for self-empowerment.

Playing out on a subtle level, this clearing and healing will have positive effects at all levels. Your life will become more harmonic as your body, mind, and soul are getting more aligned and balanced. The recovery of a more harmonic flow of your energy channels will help you to live your life with more ease, as obstructive energies will no longer slow you down. It will be easier for you to raise your consciousness and follow your true purpose.

A soul clearing session can greatly help you to improve your life and to find true happiness as it provides you with a more intuitive understanding of the things that truly align with your soul’s goals.
It is perfect for you if you want to get an overall energetic healing that will multiply your spiritual development and enable more of your true potential.

Have a look at the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to get more answers to your questions about soul clearings.

The Procedure of a Soul Clearing

My soul clearings are distant energy healing sessions. That means we will get in touch via a WhatsApp or Telegram call. This call will take about 90 to 120 minutes and proceeds as follows:

First, we will take some minutes in which I will invite you to tell me a bit about your life and the goals you are striving for. This is not mandatory, but if you do, I can serve you as a channel to your spirit guides and the archangels and ascended masters which might have advice that will guide and assist you in finding true fulfillment.

Afterward, I will ask you to make yourself comfortable for the guided healing meditation that follows. During this meditation, you may sit or lie down and use whatever you like to make you feel cozy and relaxed. You may for example use candles, crystals, incense, etc.

Important is that you are willing to open up to receive the divine blessings. It also helps to invite your own spirit guides to assist you to get the most out of the procedure.
During the soul clearing session, I will serve you as a channel to connect you to the higher realms. This means I will directly channel a meditation that is specially tailored to your personal needs.

Some people can feel the energy of the divine light flowing through them. Some note warm sensations, pulsing or tingling feelings throughout the body. Other sensations like bright light behind your eyelids and even visions are also possible. Other people do not note anything during the meditation. The possibility of you noting the healing energies during the treatment greatly depends on your sensitivity to those frequencies.

Be aware that it doesn‘t matter if you do or do not feel the energies – they work anyway. The treatment will have a great effect on a metaphysical level. Those effects make themselves notable in the following days, weeks, and months. The more positive and open you are about the outcome, the faster the benefits can manifest.

After a session, your spirit guides might have further messages or instructions for you that will help you in your day-to-day life and make the most out of your energetic treatment.

For the rest of the day, you are asked to allow yourself to rest and bring into effect the healings and frequencies you have just received. You are welcome to meditate, lie down and enjoy naps. You will be in a deep transformation process over the next weeks and months. Allow the gifts and blessings you received some time to fully unfold and show in your day-to-day life.

Have a look at the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to get more answers to your questions about my soul clearing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soul Clearings

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