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Get treated for a specific condition.
You want energetical help to overcome a personal issue?
Then a trance healing session is for you.

Energy Healing

Trance Healing Sessions

Through a trance healing session, you receive aid and advice from the archangels and ascended masters which will help you to energetically treat a specific issue.

What a Trance Healing Session Will Do For You

What Happens During a Session?

You feel stuck with certain undesirable circumstances in life? Then a trance healing can help you improve your situation because, during a session, you receive advice, messages, and energetical treatments that are designed to help you to overcome the subtle conditions causing the trouble.

Everything is energy. From your physical body to your mental, emotional, and spiritual self, you are made out of energy frequencies of various densities.
Some of those frequencies, such as positive emotions, vibrate in harmony and balance to your system. Other frequencies such as stress, all kinds of negative emotions and beliefs, traumas, and sometimes karmic entanglements are in dissonance with your system. Such imbalances can disturb or block the natural flow of our energy and are the root of nearly all obstacles and undesirable conditions showing up in our lives.

A trance healing session is designed to provide you with messages, transformations, and advice from the archangels, ascended masters as well as your own spirit guides who will help you to resolve the energetical causes of your issue.

During a session, I will serve you as a medium to the realms of light. From their higher perspective, they are capable to recognize and smooth out reasons for energetic discords that often reach back into our past lives. They will help you to identify the reason for a certain mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional problem and provide you with advice on how you can better your situation. Also, they will directly treat those imbalances and subtle obstacles that, according to your soul’s plan, may be healed right now.

Please be aware that overcoming some conditions might need active involvement on your side. They, for example, might include a learning task which your soul wants to master, such as improving your self-love. Other occasions might require a change of habit or mindset, like letting go of unbeneficial thoughts, to take root. In any case, you will be provided with all needed information and energies to assist your transformation.

When I prepared this text, my spirit guides informed me that there will be additional positive ramifications on imbalanced energies apart from the ones being treated. However, they will strongly focus on the stated issue.

So, this treatment is perfect for you if there are certain circumstances in your life, you want to improve.

Have a look at the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to get more answers to your questions about my trance healings.

The Procedure of a Trance Healing Session

My trance healings are distant energy healing sessions. That means we get in touch via a WhatsApp or Telegram call. This call usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes and proceeds as follows:

First we take some minutes in which I invite you to let me know about the things you want to improve in your life. Then I let the angels, ascended masters or your spirit guides speak directly through me. They will send you messages and advice on what can be done to achieve your desired outcome.

Afterward, they will engineer everything that is allowed to be done for you on an energetical level. This procedure varies from person to person. It might mean that we go into a transformative meditation in which you receive your treatment. It’s also possible that they ask you to lie down while they energetically treat your physical or subtle bodies, clear your chakras or restore the flow of your energy channels.

What happens is individual and always specifically tailored to best assist you with your personal situation. Simply be prepared to make yourself comfortable and set the intention to receive the angel’s and high masters’ blessings. It also helps to invite your own spirit guides to guide you to make the most out of the procedure.

During the healing, you might or might not become aware of the subtle energies working with you. Some people can feel them through warmth or pulsing and tingling sensations throughout the body. Other sensations like bright light behind your eyelids and even visions are also possible. Some people do not note anything at all. What you perceive greatly depends on your sensitiveness for those frequencies.

It doesn‘t matter if you do not feel those energies. The treatment will have a great effect on a metaphysical level in any case. These effects will make themselves notable in the following days, weeks, and months. The more positive and open you are about the outcome, the faster the benefits can manifest.

After a treatment, you are asked to allow yourself to rest and bring into effect the healings and frequencies you have just received. You are welcome to meditate, lie down and enjoy naps. You will be in a transformation process in which you are asked to mind and meditate about the advice and messages you are given, incorporate them into your life and stay optimistic about a positive change. Allow the transformations and blessings you received some time to fully unfold and show in your day-to-day life.

Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to get more answers to your questions about my trance healing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trance Healing Session

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